All songs on Freemusic-Online build under the copyright license Creative Commons. In the following the CC License will be explained.

What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons or CC is a non-profit organization, which offers pre-built license agreements to share copyright products and ideas. CC provides six standard agreements to add to the existing copyright law. Artists can determine specific copyright agreement to share digital content. The organization Creative Commons is not a publisher. Therefore the agreement is between the artist and the listener to clarify the use of the content; what can be done, what should be avoided.

Why is the CC License necessary?

The copyright law was introduced to protect intellectual property for example music, texts and pictures. Due to the digitalization the copyright law can be defined as „old school“ nowadays. The development of the internet makes it easier to share and spread digital content all over the world. Therefore the CC license can be seen as an update or enhancement to protect the existing copyright law. While using Creative Commons transparency and more safeties for artists and listeners can be provided.

Advantages of Creative Commons

What are the advantages of Creative Commons? There are safeties for the artist on the on side and transparent guidelines for the listener/user on the other side.

Advantages for the artist

Advantages for the user

  • CC supports the sharing of the artists creative work and ideas to the public
  • The artist can choose between different license agreements
  • The artist makes a statement for a free access to intellectual work
  • CC increases the pool of creative work on the market
  • CC allows the user to share creative work on the internet

CC and Freemusic-Online

Freemusic-Online uses the Creative Commons License to offer free music on the internet. On Soundcloud You can find the music of our main artist Ronald Kah. For his music and songs he uses the Creative Commons license CC-BY. It is the freest license combination. Why, because listener should be encourage to share the music to the world and use them for their own projects. There is only on condition, which is to name the author Ronald Kah and the song title in the credits.

Freemusic-Online wants to support the idea that their should be a free access to creative work!