Freemusic-Online is an interactive music platform where You can find free license music for commercial and non-noncommercial use. Here You have free access to music which You can use for Your own projects, for example Youtube videos, movies or background music for websites.

Free music without registration

You don’t have to register, You don’t have to sign in. Just select Your preferred music genres and download the song You like. You only have to make sure while sharing or using the songs to name the author (composer).

Creative Commons

Freemusic-Online is inspired by the creative commons license which is an non-commercial organization. Creative commons was introduced to support the sharing of knowledge and creativity and make them accessible for everyone all over the world. Due to the revolution of the internet the development of creativity has evolved. Conditions of sharing has changed, therefore a new way of contribution ideas has to be found. Creative Commons is such a solution. It is an update of the existing copyright law.

Free songs, free online music

Freemusic-Online is free and open to anyone regardless of registration. Everyone is invited to download the audio content, share it with friends or to develop it further.